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Creating a Core Edge Persuasive Speech

Watch this video to learn the benefits of speaking with persuasion


Every day, in some fashion, you have to try to convince someone to consider your point of view. Whether you are on stage, at the office, classroom, or grocery store, your ability to engage another person to give you what you want will determine your success in life. Why not increase the odds of getting what you want by being more persuasive?

I got into the speaking business in 1996 after a former girlfriend suggested that I join Toastmasters International to speak more effectively in front of audiences. Toastmasters taught me a great deal about structuring a speech, establishing eye contact, and slowing down my speech pattern.  However, what I hadn’t learned was how to speak with charisma and persuasion.  It wasn’t that Toastmasters doesn’t teach you how to speak persuasively. The challenge was finding my authentic voice that didn’t sound like a Toastmasters speech. There is a distinct difference between a Toastmasters presentation and a professional speech. As a result, I became a professional speaker, traveling throughout the U.S. giving presentations on charisma and charismatic leadership. Traveling allowed me to field test what worked and what didn’t work with audiences. Since I was selling the virtues of charisma, I had to learn how to passionately tell my story as well as convince people that the persuasive techniques used by charismatic leaders can be learned on stage and off.

Consequently, this website affords you the opportunity to begin learning how to speak with charisma and persuasion without having to travel around the country, log thousands of airplane miles, or conduct hundreds of studies on persuasive speech development.

Simply go through the five (5) step process and become more charismatic, magnetic, and influential in all your future presentations for any audience. It’s easy, fun, and simple. Start being more persuasive now.


Edward Brown, Founder