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Bill Clinton has it. So did Steve Jobs.

Michael Jordan has loads of it.
It’s the reason why they’re loved and admired throughout the world.

What is it? And how do you get it? Read more…

They enter a room … and you can’t take your eyes of off them.
They start talking … and everyone around them is electrified.
They look you in the eye … and you think you’re the only one in the world.

Each of these individuals has one the world’s most desirable traits: Charisma.

Your success lies in your ability to know how to shape and impact the behavior of individuals around you.

Would life be more fulfilling and more empowering if you were charismatic?

You can discover how to draw people to you, get them to consider your opinions, and become
recognized as the “Go to” person within your profession.

An amazing thing happens if you’re lucky to live long enough—you start accepting reality for
what it is. The illusions about life, people, and success become clearer. You probably believed merit and good works alone would be all you needed in life to be successful. Do you still believe it’s true?

The more the world has changed the more challenging it has become. Once upon a time, your
merit and good works could hold your family and job together. Unfortunately, that time has
come and gone. Today, to thrive, succeed or just hold on to what you have requires a different
kind of smarts and unique set of skills. The truth is “what got you here, won’t keep you here.”
Working hard and playing by the rules have been essential to your success, but now you have to
think and act differently.

We have heard how Bill Clinton came from an alcoholic household. How Steve Jobs was
fired from the same company he built. How Michael Jordan was “cut” from his high school
basketball team.

Not only did these individuals go on to dominate their professions, they did so with the
charisma they developed.

Top Five Crucial Mistakes Leaders Make (Rockwell, 2010): 

1. Clinging to the command and control model of leadership is catastrophic when knowledge
workers are involved. Knowledge workers frequently know more than the boss. Command
and control leaders frustrate and de-motivate. However, setting knowledge workers free
leverages their skills, enhances their effectiveness and allows companies to exceed the reach of

2. Losing the big picture in the details slows forward momentum, lowers productivity, creates
unnecessary stress, and under-utilizes talented staff. Leaders reach higher and go further when
they delegate rather than dive into details.

3. Neglecting the big Mo creates flat individuals and organizations. Untended organizations
naturally cool down and become problem centric structures with negative attitudes. Leaders may
forget the power of celebrating small wins to create and nurture momentum.

4. Being free with correction and stingy with affirmation creates negative work environments.
Leaders naturally work toward higher effectiveness and efficiency. They easily become
correctors. Ken Blanchard’s experience indicates that it takes four positive comments to balance
one negative comment. Think of it. You need four affirmations to get back to a positive work
environment after only one negative comment. “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”  Michelangelo

5. My biggest mistake of all. The single most crucial mistake I ever made is focusing
on mission to the exclusion of vision. Mission expresses your purpose in the present. For
example, “To serve and protect,” explains the mission of law enforcement. Their mission does not create a new future — it preserves the present.”

References: Rockwell, D. (2010 July 14). Top 5 Crucial Mistakes Leaders Make. World
Class Business Etiquette. Retrieved from:


However, you can have the same edge as the most effective leaders by becoming more charismatic, persuasive and influential.

How to Use Charisma, Persuasion, and Influence to Develop Your Leadership Skills will show
you how to:

  • Develop a more charismatic personality


  • Enhance your “Likeability Factor.”


  • Gain unshakable confidence and courage from building a track record of success


  • Enhance your critical thinking skills to ignite your creativity


  • Use the tools exercised by charismatic leaders to inspire people and build organizations


  • Become an influencer within your industry


  • Effectively communicate with persuasion and authority


“How to Use Charisma, Persuasion, and Influence to Develop Your Leadership Skills” ignited my thoughts about effective leadership. Charismatic leaders are far more than creative visionaries. They think and lead differently than traditional leaders to achieve phenomenal results. I have been operating as a traditional leader, and after reading this book I have a better understanding as to why I have not reached those Stellar results. A good life changing leadership book!”

-Robyn A. Ellis, Manager for a major payroll company


“Ed Brown’s, “How to Use Charisma, Persuasion & Influence…..” is a compelling read that provides a take on leadership that helps you better understand that your past thoughts about effective leadership may be hindering your success.”

-Jessica Ferguson, CEO, Signature Piecez


“I had a moment of clarity when I read the example of how Oprah is one individual who definitely possesses charisma. Her example and path are something I can certainly relate to.”

- Petula R. Wright blogs at “It’s a woman’s world” and is a writer and editor with 16 years experience.


Clinton, Jobs and Jordan are examples of people who learned that despite individual setbacks, heartache and pain; you can overcome and become a force to be reckoned with. The traits of charismatic leaders and personalities can be learned!

Edward Brown, M.S., of Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute researched and studied the traits of charismatic leaders. Brown was as interested in how charismatic leaders thought as much as how they acted. He said, “If we know how charismatic leaders and personalities are ‘hard-wired,’ we can reprogram our own thinking to get similar results as these individuals.”


Brown’s research reveals:

  • Charismatic leaders are adept at deciphering the need and motivations of individuals faster than average individuals.


  • Charismatic leaders create disciples and supporters inside organizations that help spread their influence.


  •  Charismatic leaders create visions by critically analyzing problems and finding the gaps in conventional thinking.


  • Charismatic leaders think differently by embracing a lifestyle that allows for greater intellectual creativity.


  • Charismatic leaders of companies earn more money than non-charismatic counterparts.

The world has changed and it is never going to be the same again! The smarts and education you need to succeed will require you to learn and emulate the thinking, strategies and actions of those with an edge.

The greatest edge you will ever need is your ability to be charismatic, persuasive and influential.

Think about what you can do with this kind of power. How happy, productive and profitable would your life be? From enjoying more loving relationships to earning more money, the possibilities are endless!


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Buy How to Use Charisma, Persuasion, and Influence to Develop Your Leadership Skills and How to Be More Charismatic in Business, Work, and Play mini-course for $19.95.


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About the Author:
Edward Brown, M.S., is a researcher and lead instructor for Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute, Inc., which  investigates, analyzes, and synthesizes how charismatic leaders think, act, and make decisions about power, productivity, and profitability.  Brown is the author of nine books including: Image, Power & Charisma, Power Moves for Those with Limited Cash, Clout & Connections, and Principles of Charismatic Leadership: The Missing Link….

Additionally, Brown is the host for the online talk show Charisma Live and Editor of the blog, Charisma Today. He has advanced legal training from the University of Dayton School of Law and a master’s degree from Mercer University in Leadership Development.

PS: You’re playing the game of life whether you like it or not. You can win on purpose or lose by default. Why not win on purpose.